Our company

Our company adopts an innovative and creative approach to production. With great care for the environment, we produce ecological and exclusive wallpapers. If you want to change your interior, please contact us. We will do our best to fulfil all your expectations. You can find original wallpapers for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, office, and children’s bedroom. See how they fit anywhere!

We offer a unique product and original designs that will give your interior a luxurious style. Our wallpapers will meet any taste. They will delight both the romantic and the minimalist. Our team consists of artists, visionaries, aesthetes, lovers of art and beauty – that is why we create such interesting wallpaper patterns.

We are a modern  studio of wallpapers, proud of our ambitious and energetic team. We offer decorative and exclusive wallpapers that have many advantages and delight with their specific design. Modern wallpapers make it possible to arrange the room according to the latest interior trends. Many of our models resemble designer works of art. Original wallpaper can work wonders.

Pattern making

We take great care in creating our designs. This process starts in the mind, it is born in the imagination under the influence of inspiration. We draw inspiration from our surroundings. We observe trends, we are inspired by art, fashion, film, sport, music, nature, people, emotions. We are interested in everything that happens and everything that surrounds us. The creative planning process is always a great stage of work for us and we take pride in every project. Once we have a finished design, our specialists get to work on the pattern. Each design is hand-painted by us. We pay great attention to every step. We focus on the details, because they create a beautiful whole and make our designs unique.

Ekologia i druk

Our wallpapers are ecological and do not contain substances harmful to humans. We maintain the highest standards at every stage of production and meet all the requirements necessary for each of our products. Regardless of the stage of work, we always place great emphasis on ecological production methods and environmentally and human friendly products.


We are professionals and conscious people. We take responsibility for the quality of our products. We make every effort to ensure that our wallpapers present the highest level of professionalism in terms of durability and uniqueness. As we are conscious people we also care about social responsibility, not only in matters of personal conviction but also in business. In our case this translates into caring for the environment. All wallpapers are produced in HP Latex printing technology using ecological latex inks. HP latex means high quality prints + ecology. The most important thing is that this technology is not harmful to human health and the environment and guarantees the highest sanitary and hygienic standards. Why is this so? Because HP Latex printers use the thermal technology of ink fixation. What does this mean? Only three components are used for printing – water, pigment and latex. The machine evaporates the water under high temperature, and then the latex particles fix the pigment on the surface of the fleece. Despite the fact that this method does not require the use of chemicals and solvents that are harmful to health and the environment, it provides wallpapers with high durability. The prints are odourless and ready almost immediately. So if you value health, safety, durability and speed, you have come to the perfect place.

HP Latex inks have:

ASTM F793 Type II Sustainability Certification, which confirms their resistance to external factors.

UL ECOLOGO® Certification. This means that HP Latex inks contain no hazardous ingredients.

UL GREENGUARD GOLD certification, which confirms the low emission of chemicals into the air during printing.


Our products are sent via courier.

Our wallpapers are manufactured on an individual order, and the wallpaper is adjusted to the size of the customer’s wall. At the customer’s request, we can print the wallpaper with a 5 cm height and width excess.

Our wallpapers can be used in the kitchen and bathroom, but not directly in the shower or at the bathtub. In order to use our wallpapers in the kitchen by the sink or in the toilet, such wallpaper should be covered with additional varnish or resin, which will protect the wallpaper against moisture and dirt.

It is possible to change the overall colour of all our wallpapers,  while changing the colour, size or arrengement of selected elements is possible only if the wallpaper has an appropriate symbol:

The waiting time for the order to be completed is 7-10 business days from the payment of the order and approval of the visualization.

With custom-made wallpapers and custom-made products, in accordance with the law and our regulations, it is not possible to return or exchange them for other products.

It is possible to order a sample of each wallpaper. The sample size is 30×40 cm and it costs PLN 15.

We also ship our products abroad. The valuation of the cost of delivery to each country is different, so please ask questions by e-mail.

Our wallpapers are produced only after the order has been placed and paid for.

The wallpaper installation instructions are included with each order.

For structural wallpapers we recommend heavy wallpaper glue.

Our wallpapers can be washed with a mild soap and water solution.