Before buying, we recommend you to order
a sample of selected pattern.

Wallpaper for an individual dimension? For us, this is not a problem. Click on the ORDER FREE VISUALIZATION and refill all data along with the size of the wall and the number of the article, which interests you, and our team will prepare a free visualization for you with the valuation.

239 zł

per m2.

Order the wallpaper

The standard wallpaper pattern measures 400 x 300 cm and is sold in rolls of 100 x 300 cm. We prepare wallpapers to the individual size of the customer’s wall. In addition, we offer a wide range of additional changes to graphic designs. Changing the color of the pattern, mirror images, changing the size, color or arrangement of a given element in the pattern is not a problem for us. In a word, we will adjust the pattern to the dreams of each of our clients.

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